Some homemade Brownies along with a great cardamon & rosepetal tea blend!


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Spicy Red Hot Plum Tea

So, a ton of people have over the past few weeks msgd me requesting more how-to step by step tutorials. I added the earlier Ginger Walnut Cinnamon Tea recipe a couple days ago but more and more people are asking for, well, more.

Now to satisfy all those requests and a few others I get quite often regarding the ‘color of tea’ and how to infuse fruity flavors into tea, and even how to make nice tasting tea without using ceramic pots and so forth, I went ahead and merged all of those here.

Many ask, “how can we give a really vibrant color to our tea, and make it taste fruity without using food coloring or any unnatural additives”. Simple, use natural ingredients. When you don’t have a ceramic teapot, use a regular pot and an infuser, and if you don’t have a proper infuser, use one from inside a coffee strainer ;) Just adapt and experiment with what you do have!

Here’s how I made a Spicy Red Hot Plum Tea! (you read that right)

First, you’re going to need some ingredients:

  • 3-4 cups of water in a pan
  • Black loose leaf tea (4 pinches or so, I measure it by pinch but you can go ahead and add in 3 spoon fulls)
  • A mini apple (if you don’t have those baby apples, use half a full apple)
  • 2 Plums (I don’t like using ripe plums, the older the better, they have more color and taste and they boil well but ripe ones work too.)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Stick of cinnamon (or equiv. powder)

Instructions on how to make this amazing fiery red tea:

Chop the apple and plum into the pot of water

Season lightly with salt and pepper and stir once or twice

At this point the water will remain transparent

Bring up to light boil on high flame, at this point the plum slices will have begun to expand, the skin may break and parts of the plum might even crumble, that’s fine and normal.

Drop flame to low and let it boil slowly till the water’s color changes to pinkish/red (shouldn’t let it get too dark) - you can at this point stir it a bit and squeeze the plum slices on the inner side of the pot to get those juices flowing out faster so as to make sure it’s flavor packed

Check it out!

Now add your tea into an infuser, rinse with cold water very lightly, turn OFF your heat and then place the infuser into the middle of your pot.

Let it sit there for 3-4minutes or so.

Strain into glass and if you like, add sugar to taste (but really there’s no need, tastes amazing as is, your call though)


Once you’ve had a few cups of this red hot spicy plum tea, snap back to reality and clean up after yourself :P



Ginger Walnut Cinnamon Tea

That’s right, here’s a quick Tea Blend (recipe) for you tea lovers out there, one of my own little homemadeee blends for this time of year. You can make this in your kitchen, you don’t need to purchase any fancy blends or anything, over the shelf ingredients you probably already have at hand.

As the weather changes, as it gets colder and as more of us fall victims to the hellish flu/cold (guilty as charged), we need natural healing remedies and what better remedy than some delicious, nutty, earthy tea?

This one is super easy to make, so here goes.


  1. 1/2 cup of Black Tea Leaves (black for a more robust taste but you can substitute black for green tea, just adjust brewing time etc)
  2. 1/2 cup of shelled walnuts
  3. 10grams ginger root
  4. A Cinnamon stick or two
  5. Water (3-4cups 5 if you’re up to it)


  • Clean the ginger root and tea leaves separately in a bowl of cold water, don’t scrub them, or stir and break them or anything, plop them in a bowl of cold water for 20seconds or so then rinse them lightly off just once.

  • Try to use fresh walnuts as apposed to those you get ready at the store for a ‘fuller’ flavor

  • Grind those fresh walnuts and the ginger root together into small pieces (if you don’t have a stone mortar ((krok)) use the side of a large knife over the walnuts, apply pressure and crush them then thinly slice the ginger and mix - my friend had borrowed my mortar so i did just that, works fine)

  • Slide them into your pot with the cinnamon and fill with water, heat it up a little and before boil, add the tea.
  • Bring it to a boil then lower flame to moderate and keep it boiling for about 10minutes (adjust as desired depending on the type and quality of your black tea, also depending on the quantity of your serving)
  • Strain into a cup when done (add sugar to taste if that’s your thing, or better yet, honey) and you’re done. Drink while hot to reap the benefits, but don’t sweat it if you let it go cold, still tastes great!

Kick those potential viruses in the ass and get rid of colds with this delicious nutty recipe!


Lavender <3


Ceylon Tea.


Because I can.


Tea Connoisseur’s New Logo

It’s up there, see? New logo, new brand, new design, one tweak a week, baby steps ok? :) We’ll eventually get there!


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Reflection - my first ‘published’ short story. Read & Enjoy - http://bundleofhorror.com/reflection/


Winter Cup of Tea

I posted this photo a few days ago but now I’m going to share a quick easy to make recipe for that winter cold. The great thing about it is, it’s not just to scare away the cold/flu but it amps up your immune system AND tastes amazing.

Serving Size - 2/3 cups.


  • Half a lemon
  • Two table spoons of honey (or 3, or 4 haha)
  • 3 cups of water
  • A single cinnamon stick
  • Loose leaf black tea (3 large spoon full)


  • Add 3 cups of water into a pot and bring up to boil.
  • Turn down heat and let simmer while squeezing in the half lemon right in.
  • Stir slightly and put on low heat while adding in the honey and cinnamon.
  • Let simmer for 2minutes then bring back up to boil for another 30seconds
  • Turn down heat and add the loose leaf tea in then let simmer for 1 minute.
  • Bring back up to boil and remove off heat, let it be and stir it OFF the heat for a minute.
  • Serve and come back here to thank me.

(add more water if it seems too strong or add honey to adjust the sweetness/bitterness to your liking) - drink while warm.



Home made tea blend: Oolong + Spearmint = YEAH BABY!


Grapefruit & honey green tea blend.


Unique Tea Blend - ENJOY - Black tea, green tea leafs, rose petals, and dried chocolate peppermint!


Try it and enjoy :) To all those that msgd me for the Spicy Cinnamon Biscuit Tea blend recipe, so so glad you’re loving it!